The crafting of a mouthpiece is a very special phase in the creation process of smoking pipes. In addition to serving, undoubtedly, to smoke, it gives  harmony and impetus to the pipe itself.
I craft all mouthpieces for my pipes with raw materials that I buy from Italian specialized firms. The mouthpieces are subsequently worked by me in shape and size, depending on the type of pipe that I will want to create.
On some occasions I will craft them directly, using ebonite and methacrylate in high quality bars.

The mouthpiece is handmade by me, out of ebonite and methacrylate high quality bars. Below are some photos of colourings and available materials. Starting from the photo in the upper right corner of screen, colourings are:

METACRILATO: black, blue, pearl , green, tiger,

EBANITE: black, cumberlad, sand