Erica_arborea_2Like all pipes of good quality, mines are born from the so-called “ciocco” briar (Erica arborea = tree heath), a type of very fine wood that lends itself to the construction of a pipe, for its tremendous heat resistance. It grows only in some areas of the Mediterranean and it is harvested exclusively by hand, with the use of hatchets lumberjack not to damage the precious outgrowth (shaped like a pumpkin) that begins at the base of the heather stem. The briar harvesters are called “cioccaioli” by the pipe-makers and represent the first construction stage of a pipe. After the harvest, the “cioccaioli” carry the precious wood in special sawmills, where the “segantini” (sawyers) cut the briar to be transformed into slabs. They will then boil them for several hours, so that the wood will lose all impurities contained within.
After a slow and particular seasoning, which lasts minimum two years, the briar is ready to be worked by the pipemaker, which in turn will season the slab for more years, depending on the final result he/she will want to get.









My pipes thus have a minimum maturation time of two years, made by me as well as that of the sawyer – “segantino”, in order to give the pipe a lightness depending on its size and density in the smoke.

BrumAntica pipes are completely handmade by me, with commonly used tools such as: file, rasp, sandpaper and, only for a few steps, drill, saw and lathe.
The pipe is considered by many not only a tool for smoking, but it is often collected by fans around the world, as an object that recalls ancient traditions and ancient crafts, such as the pipemaker, where the origins are lost in the mists of time .Foto0026