My name is Dattilo Enzo and my story began long ago.
I have always been a fan of the woodworking and like I said once to a friend of mine, a tobacconist, probably I’ve inherited this passion from my grandfather, who was a carpenter and smoked the pipe.
It all started one day during my birthday: my dear friends, not knowing what to give me as a gift, seeing that I was a smoker, they decided to give me a smoking pipe.
In the past I had owned a few, but I didn’t have a great interest on them. That day I was surprised by the gift and as a bolt from the blue sky, I fell in love with the pipe.
Since that memorable day, I began my research into the pipe world, visiting workshops, documenting more and more about its origins and how to begin to manufacture them, until I decided to set up a small workshop, where I still work and create my pipes.
Living in the Marche, I have not missed some points of reference, since it is one of the Italian regions with the highest number of Pipe Masters, from whom I still draw inspiration for the creation of my pipes.
A special mention is for a teacher who I often visit in his workshop, Bruto Sordini (Don Carlos Pipes). For me, as well as a dear friend, he’s a shining beacon that with his courtesy and patience always helps me in my path of pipe making. For this, I will never cease to thank him and be grateful to him, even though he would say, “But I’ve done nothing. ”


It all happened in a winter afternoon, I had gone near the banks of a river that passes by my house to take a walk and usually I stop in a natural beach smoking the pipe and reading a good book. Perhaps these habits have long gone a bit out of fashion, but I still like them a lot and, when I can, I just go to these places to relax. The afternoon was giving way to the evening and on the banks of the river, a light mist had risen, which mingled with the smoke of my pipe. At that moment it occurred to me that the elderly often called the fog with a name that is no longer used (MIST – BRUMA in Italian). Then looking at my pipe, I thought that this object was born in distant ages and, while changing in the shapes, it had come to our times, in its functionality and purpose. That evening was born the name BrumAntica.

The pipe world is a magical one, muffled, that gives me joy and satisfaction every day, even if it’s not always that easy, especially when you have a piece of wood to create a pipe.
I like to quote a phrase that now accompanies me always: “It is not you who choose the pipe, but the pipe that chooses you.”